Sample Plans

Small Herb Garden

This small herb garden measuring approximately three metres by four metres, could be incorporated into most larger gardens. Mediterranean herbs, rosemary, lavender, thyme, sage, thyme and bay have been added to cope with hot dry situations. The garden is enclosed by a picket fence and features a small seat covered by an archway to give the user some shade and privacy. This garden would not only smell great, but also be useful for culinary treats. The plans show concept, planting, elevations, cross section, hard landscaping, and also a lighting plan.

Coastal Garden

An awkward shaped section has been softened by the use of curved borders. A large graveled area has been broken up by the use of a small island border creating interest and surprise. A large paved area allows for entertaining on a grand scale. A lap pool allows further use of the area and becomes the main focal point to this coastal garden. The coastal theme has been emphasized by the use of sympathetic hardy coastal plants. The use of a boat creates an interesting focal point and is in keeping with the coastal theme. Sympathetic materials have been used, these include sandstone courtyard pavers, river stone mulch, shell and post and rope fencing.

Town Garden

This small town garden maximizes the use of space for entertainment and screens off unwanted views from the utility area. Strong curved borders flow down one side of the garden and lead into a circular lawn area, making the garden feel larger than it is. A water feature has been added to create interest and focus. Smaller established native trees and nikau palms give this garden a native feel, and is ideal for attracting the birds while also achieving privacy for entertaining.

Large formal garden

This formal garden was inspired by the famous Italian garden Villa Lante. It highlights the impressive nature of formal gardens and what can be achieved through symmetrical balance. Water features including fountains, waterfalls, and rills have all been added to create spectacular awe, and designed to overwhelm and impress the viewer. A garden of this size could occupy at least 8000square metres or 2 acres of land. Smaller formal gardens can also be designed.

Hard Landscaping Plan

This pergola was designed to be part of a larger garden. The plan shows elevation and cross sections of the pergola to allow ease of construction. The pergola was designed from a similar pergola situated at the Auckland Botanical Gardens.



Plan and Elevation of Medium Sized Family Garden

This garden is larger than most modern gardens. The garden has been broken into smaller friendlier spaces that users can feel comfortable in. The garden incorporates a large play area for children including sandpit, swings, slide, and a play hut which would be converted into a gazebo at a later stage. An octagonal theme has been used to create linkage between areas repeating the shape in the new extended patio. An elevation drawing has been added to clearly define heights of trees and play area. To see the design process leading to the creation of this garden please view services page.

Town Garden

The design for this small town garden is a simple but an effective design. Simple geometric lines and shapes have been combined to offer a clean cut approach with a hint of formality which suits the style of house. A water feature has been added to this small garden as a focal point and to create interest. The main ornamentation for the garden is provided from three large red glazed urns, contrasting with the lush greens of the nikau palms. The utility area has been paved in gravel and screened from the main entertainment areas.

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